PLT Quantum Dots are now for sale!

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Quantum dots made here at pacific light technologies are designed to withstand the rigors of on-chip operation.  They are specially designed with built-in encapsulation layers and are offered in a powder form such that they can be used as a drop-in replacement for traditional downconverter materials.

This recent article describes how Lumileds is utilizing PLT’s quantum dots to make stable, efficient SSL products:


Wavelengths available for sale are in the 615 nm – 630 nm wavelength region.  Please inquire concerning your particular wavelength and performance needs.
Select specifications and performance data are given below:

Typical Quantum Dot Characteristics

All emission values measured at room temperature on a mid-power LED package (~30 W/cm² peak flux at 450 nm).
Quantum Yield76%
Peak Wavelength624.3 nm
Centroid Wavelength624.5 nm
Dominant Wavelength612.6 nm
Emission Linewidth (FWHM)33.8 nm
Particle Size (D50)7.5 µm