PLT Headquarters
Pacific Light Technologies Headquarters

 Company Background

Pacific Light Technologies (PLT) is a world leader in optical nanomaterials development and manufacturing.  PLT is developing rare-earth-free downconverter materials for high-efficiency solid state lighting (SSL) and displays, and is the only quantum dot company capable of on-chip integration into an LED package.   PLT’s combination of intellectual property and technology expertise allows a new realm of high-performance materials that can stand up to the harsh environmental realities of medium and high-power LEDs.

The founders, previously at SpectraWatt, first worked on quantum dot downconverters for solar applications, but soon realized that even greater potential existed in the LED market.  PLT’s R&D team is now building from their academic and commercial experience to develop innovative QD solutions that work in the high temperature, high flux environment of an LED package.  These nanomaterials are capable of converting blue LED emission to green and red or any color in the visible spectrum for the purpose of generating efficient, high color-quality, warm-white lighting as well as wide color gamut displays that surpass the performance of rare-earth phosphors.  PLT has assembled a team of experts in the fields of quantum dot nanomaterials, polymer chemistry, and optoelectronics technology commercialization. The company has fully outfitted development and testing labs located in Portland, OR., and is currently sampling key customers in the industry.

Our mission is to make all color-converted LEDs operate with higher color quality and higher efficiency than is possible today.